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Town Peterson

Town is a distinguished professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas. He specializes in aspects of the geography of biodiversity with a focus on tropical ornithology and systematics, distributional ecology, and disease transmission risk mapping. Town is the principal investigator on the Virtual Vector Laboratory project.

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Ed Komp

Ed is a research engineer in the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas. His primary interests include specialized computer language design for application specific domains, functional programming, software development environments and networking. Ed is creating VVL's image classifier software. 

Mellenbruch 02 sm.jpg

Jarrett Mellenbruch

Jarrett is an artist whose work is positioned within the expanded field of art and suspended between social practice, design, sculpture, and science. His transdisciplinary and conceptual approach regularly investigates how art can influence cultural paradigm shifts and impact emerging global issues. Jarrett is developing VVL's imaging system and public collaboration/user interface.